What is Time 2 Roster?

The Roster Rooster
Rostering doesn't need to be one of those endless chores!

Time 2 Roster puts the happy back into rostering.

Don't be sad! Rostering should be easy. And that's what Time 2 Roster is all about. Making it easy!

Making life easier!

You know how it is. Staff grumbling because they didn't get the shift they wanted, or needing to change shifts because Mrs. Leghorn needs to go the vet. Staff not being qualified. Fred and Joe not liking each other's personal habits. Relax

Time 2 Roster makes that all go away.

Gives you time to not roster.

It takes HOURS to build a roster that everyone is happy with, and then HOURS more to tell them when they are working.

Time 2 Roster will take away a lot of the boring stuff, and make rostering easy and fun! And with all that free time, you'll be able to make cute hand puppets and do plays for children. What could be more enjoyable?

Is Time 2 Roster right for you?

Time 2 Roster is perfect for 95% of small and medium sized businesses. Features include:

  • Time 2 Roster decreases the time taken to create a roster by getting employees availabilities, qualifications and preferences and putting them all at the finger tips of the rosterer
  • Time 2 Roster is easy to learn, so the burden can be easily shared amongst staff, and someone can pick up the role easily; for instance, when the usual rosterer is on holidays
  • Time 2 Roster has built-in error checking to decrease the number of errors in a roster
  • Time 2 Roster supports advanced functions such as multiple sites, preferences and shift types to create a rostering solution that works for your business
  • Check rosters online, anytime. Your staff don't have to come into the office to check their roster, they can do it from home, from school,even from the pub. You can even schedule to send it to them in a variety of other ways, such as email or SMS. Time 2 Roster also keeps everyone informed of updates and changes to the the roster.

Time 2 Roster has been built with these type of workplaces in mind -
Hospitals, Medical Centres, Shops, Bars, Restaurants, Factories, Security, Call Centres, Ambulance Services, Tourism Industry

Time 2 Roster is here!

The public beta has just arrived, please register to enjoy our limited time free offer. Otherwise, if you prefer, look at a picture of a watermelon.