Customer Testimonials

" Time 2 Roster has saved my life! Before, we always had problems with the girls letting me know when they were or werenít available, and so I would get the roster done and then it would need to be changed and there would be lots of phone calls to try and fix up the holes. Now Time 2 Roster makes it really easy for them to let me know when they can and canít work. Even better, Time 2 Roster makes it hard to make a mistake with our rosters and telling everyone when they are working is as simple as pushing a button!

We are only a small business with 6 employees and we only roster for 50 hours per week, so finding such a cheap way to properly manage our rosters has been a god send.

Thank you Time 2 Roster! "

Sarah Clarke
Store Manager
Preggi Central
Frankston, Victoria

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