About Us

We have been building custom built rostering solutions for over 3 years now and a lot of our customers approached us with similar but not the same needs. The one thing they all had in common was the frustration of the time spent in getting the rosters done. We couldn’t find anyone who liked doing them!

We decided to build a rostering program that builds a roster for YOUR business.

Our Motto is Simple Rosters Fast. Rostering is a complex and thankless task that is easy to make costly mistakes with. We want to take away as much pain as possible for you.

Staff Roster schedule

During the 12 months we have spent designing Time 2 Roster, we have been guided by the following principles:

It had to be fast – no one wants to spend 5 hours setting up the roster for their shop that employees 5 people.

It had to be simple – no one wants to spend 5 hours learning how to use the rostering software. This is really imporant when you think that you are delivering employee self service features to all of your workers. You can’t spend 2 hours per employee making sure that they know how to use the rostering software.

It had to be easy to get availabilities and send the rosters out. We have seen some businesses that spend a whole day getting the roster out. NO MORE!

We hope you find Time 2 Roster the fastest and simplest way to do your rosters. If it doesn’t meet your needs, please let us know and we will try to add that one feature you need to make it YOUR rostering solution.

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