Free till 2013

  • Most of the features are in.
  • Most of the bugs are dead.
  • Our Beta testers are happy.
  • The documentation is now getting added.
  • We are just about ready to go!

To celebrate, we are offering Time2Roster free until Janurary 2013 for all of our beta customers, our new customers and everyone who expressed interest in Time2Roster.


Our goal is to be the rostering choice of all small businesses, so we need scale and we need to show small businesses how much time can be saved by using an online rostering solution. 20% of small businesses still use pen and paper and 70% are using excel.

After January 2013, Time2Roster will still be free for businesses that roster on less than 80 hours per week, and anyone signing up will get their first month free. It is important that everyone gets to try Time2Roster and make sure it is right for their needs.

Check out the pricing from 2013 onwards.